Technical Information

MC Series

- The Plug Side Of Pluggable Type Terminal Blocks

MC Series is available in horizontal, vertical, and front wire entry designs, to meet multiple design requirements. This series creates applications requiring high reliable interconnection with the flexibility of simplified modifications and installation. MC Series provides the screw clamping and spring clamp connections and also extends the customers' choices of higher density connections products.

MC 100, MC101 plugs with plug-in direction parallel to the conductor axis are available with a 5.00mm or 5.08mm picth and 2 to 22 positions. The pluggable blocks are available with and without a screw flange, to permit a vibration-resistant connenction with the headers.

MC 420, MC421 plugs distribute the height uniformly over the upper and lower sides of the printed circuit board. The distances to adjacent printed circuit boards can be reduced considerably thanks to the low overall height of the module.

MC200, MC201 plugs have plug-in direction vertical to the conductors axis. Vertical plugs can be placed immediately against neighbor walls and removed without squashing the connected lines. Alternatively, the pluggable blocks are also available with screw flange. This allows secure fixing of the pluggable blocks to the PCB pin header. The result is additional safety against vibration or faulty handling.

MC310, MC311 plugs with front screw connection and plug-in direction horizontal to the conductor axis are availlable for conductor cross-sections of up to 1.5mm2 with a 5 and 5.08mm pitch, and 2 to 24 positions.

MC Series has a significant reduction in assemble time and wiring complexity, and also includes clear print marking areas for the cross connection.

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