Technical Information

MB Series

- Cage Clamp Printed Circuit Terminal Blocks

MB Series printed circuit terminal blocks provide highly reliable screw connections on industrial printed circuit boards. Whether they have one or more levels, straight or angled conductor insertion, all MB Series variants share:

a robust moving cage principle with a generously dimensioned insertion space for conductors up to 2.5mm2.

The flat base of the clamping unit ensures that even the thinnest connection leads can be clamped properly. When the clamping screw is turned, our clamping yoke rises in the component housing until the thread is firmly held between the current bar and clamping yoke. The stable design of the clamping parts allows the creation of gas-tight connections. This means that the contact conditions can be kept stable over a long time even in aggressive atmospheres.

MB Series allows the terminal screw to be reliably held in place even in the case of vibrations. At the point of maximum permitted torque, the upper thread-overlap of the yoke opens causing a lockingn action to be exerted on the screw.

Sturdy housings with an extremely precise pitch. MB Series can be easily assembled on the printed circuit board. Customer can take advantage of MB Series in time saving, and costs lower.

The clamping parts and terminal screws are made of high-tensile copper alloy to prevent unreliable electrical contacts and/or jammed screws. The insulation housings are made of a highly temperature-resistant plastic(up to 20celcius-25celcius for sec.)

A wide selection of accessories rounds off MB Series product range.

MB Series products acquired the approvals of UL, CE, and VDE. MB Series products are extremely suitable for power supply, inverter, ...etc. and applied for industrial control and information technique.