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  • MB Series


    Total 63 models
  • MC Series


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  • MD Series


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  • ME Series


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  • MH Series


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  • MT Series


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  • MWX Series


    Total 8 models
  • MX Series


    Total 14 models


  • What is Terminal Block ?

    Terminal blocks (also called terminal boards or strips) provide a convenient means of connecting individual electrical wires. They are usually used to connect wiring among various items of equipment within an enclosure or to make connections among individually enclosed items. Since terminal blocks are readily available for a wide range of wire sizes and terminal quantity, they are one of the most flexible types of electrical connector available. Some disadvantages are that connecting wires is more difficult than simply plugging in a cable and the terminals are generally not very well protected from contact with persons or foreign conducting materials.

    One type of terminal block accepts wires that are prepared only by removing (stripping) a short length of insulation from the end. Another type accepts wires that have ring or spade terminal lugs crimped onto the wires. Printed circuit board (PCB) mounted terminal blocks allow individual wires to be connected to the circuit board. PCB mounted terminal blocks are soldered to the board, but they are available in a pull-apart version that allows the wire-connecting half of the block to be unpluggedBA solution, focusing on Quick-Turn-Around-Time to market.
  • More about...

    MA Series - Simple Wire Protector Printed Circuit Terminal Blocks.

    MB Series - Cage Clamp Printed Circuit Terminal Blocks.

    MC Series - The Plug Side Of Pluggable Type Terminal Blocks.

    MD Series - Composed(Combined) Pluggable Type Terminal Blocks.

    ME Series - The Header Side Of Pluggable Type Terminal Blocks.

    MX Series - Printed Circuit Spring Terminal Blocks.

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